What is Sete Outeiros?

Sete Outeiros is a free nature retreat for trans and queer people. Here’s how it works. You come here for a weekend, or even a few weeks. If you’re able to help pitch in for food while you’re here, that’s great. If not, don’t worry — this place is for you. Sete Outeiros is totally free.

Generally visitors help for around about five hours a day, helping to build and maintain this little paradise and that leaves mountains of time for you to use how you want.

We have an ample library, musical instruments, a pair of lovely dogs for cuddles, in sunny weather there are hammocks beneath the trees, and plenty of land to explore and discover.  We have unusual and creative boardgames, art materials and plenty more to awaken within you the freedom to explore and learn.

Depending on availability and time of year you may be able to learn carpentry, bio-construction, gardening, yoga or even receive free personal training from a trainer who specialises in the unique needs of trans bodies.

When you write us about a visit please do mention anything you might be interested in particular and we will try to facilitate your desired experience as much possible.

Why a Trans and Queer Nature Retreat?

When the principle host of Sete Outeiros began their transition they needed their little home out here in the wilds to be a safe, comfortable place to be able to make that journey in. That’s how the Trans and Queer Nature Retreat was born, but as it soon became obvious that a space like this was deeply valued by all the lovely people that passed through here and so the trans and queer nature reatreat is here to stay!

A lot of organic farms that accept volunteers aren’t necessarily understanding or accepting of LGBTQIA travellers and this place provides a space in which you should feel totally free to be yourself or to find yourself. We have heard horror stories of women travellers arriving at farms and being bundled straight off to the kitchens. Here at Sete Outeiros we want to try and help you find what it is that you are passionate about doing no matter who you are.

Ultimately though, we also want this to be a space for people who never even imagined they could enjoy an experience like this. If you’re interested, or curious but nervous, don’t know how you’d ever get here, haven’t many resources to travel, get in touch with us. This place is for you.

What should I bring?

Well that depends on the season. From May to September the weather is usually comfortably warm. From November to April you want to be more prepared for both coldness and rain.  A good pair of shoes for hiking and or working the land is always good. Bring a torch/flashlight.  Bring a swimsuit.

There is a ‘free shop’ here. You can take clothes that you need or leave ones that you no longer need so that someone else can have them, so keep that in mind as you’re packing!

Anything I should be prepared for?

Sete Outeiros is homey and comfortable but it is also off grid so be prepared for:

1. A low electricity lifestyle. There will be limited internet access, depending on the weather (sunny days = more electricity).

2. A dry toilet. If you’ve never used a dry toilet before, don’t worry – it’s no dramas, it’s just different to what you’re used to but it doesn’t stink and it’s more eco-friendly.

3. Showers and baths are in the river down below. The  water  is cold! But on a hot month that’s a good thing and in the winter we’re closed anyway!

What about the diet?

The daily diet here is lovely homecooked vegetarian and vegan food.

Anything you want us to know?

Is there anything you’re concerned about or is there something you would like us to know before you come? No fear, we want to accommodate and negotiate everyone’s needs as much as possible just let us know what’s on your mind.

What languages do you speak?

Sete Outeiros is located in Galiza, in the northwest of Iberia. While it is governed by the Spanish State, this part of the world has a unique culture and language. Galiza is the historical origins of the Atlantic celts. Here at Sete Outeiros we speak English and Galizan (Galego), the local language. We understand Spanish and can communicate with Spanish speakers but don’t really speak it. If you’re interested in the local language and culture (including traditional music and festivals (as well as the pre-catholic celtic religion)) then these are all things we’re interested in too.


How does it work financially?

Sete Outeiros is able to provide all of this free thanks to our patrons and donors that are keeping the project alive month by month. Starting with as little as a $1 a month you can add your name to the founding pillars as we have yet to reach our minimum monthly targets which will ensure that Sete Outeiros can continue to create this natural refuge open and free for people who would never be able to imagine such an experience otherwise.

This year we will be able to continue building work on what will be our grand central social space thanks to an extra special donation by Kit Wicksteed. I would also like to make special mention of all our patrons, right down to those who donate just the minimum $1 a month: students, or low income people who cannot spare much, but still want to help keep this project going. Generosity is not measured by the size of a donation — it’s through everyone’s efforts together that we stay open. An enormous thank you to everyone who contributes to the smiles, laughter and growth of everyone who passes through here.

Want to visit? ola@seteouteiros.gal

Want to become a patron? patreon.com/somparis